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30 Second Technical Penalty for not knowing your signs!!

Game Fees:

Remember, all game fees are paid at the end of each game.  Each coach is responsible for paying one ref, so don't leave the field without your money.  Some teams will have you sign a page confirming that you have received your money.  Don't take this payment for granted, be polite and thank the coaches for the money, you'll be surprised how far that goes the next time you see that coach!

U-8's        $20.00                                     U-10's       $25.00                                      U-12's       $30.00
U-14's      $35.00                                     U-16's        $40.00                                     U-19's       $45.00

Travel Fees:

If your asked to travel to another association to ref, you will be reimbursed travel fees.  The fees are dependent on where you travel to.  The following costs are the fees for traveling from Duncan to the other associations:

Victoria      -   $20.00
Nanaimo    -   $20.00
Oceanside    -  $40.00
Campbell River - $70.00

Game Reports:

If during a game you eject a player or coach, you are required to write up a game report.  On-line game reports can be found on the BCLA website at:  If you have to write a game report, please phone your head ref first.  As part of the game report you will need to write down both coaches names, the game number, the player involved, time of offense and a description of the event.  Don't take the game sheet with you as the manager of the home team needs to keep the sheet.  Game reports should be submitted within 24 hrs of the game.

Good luck and good reffing.

Al Magnan
Head Ref


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